Forest Crystals Actinolite Phantom Quartz crystals are from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. 

Metaphysical Properties : protective, regenerative, transformative. Chakras : Root 1st, Heart 4th

Physical Properties : cellular regeneration, useful after surgery, illness and trauma. 

Emotional Properties : relieves stress and tension, dispels feelings of isolation by reinforcing connection with all that is. 

Spiritual Properties : protection from negative energies, raising one's vibration, accessing past wisdom, connecting with spirit guides, elementals and higher consciousness. 

Phantom crystals help to uncover one's past karmic debt and negative energy that needs to be released. 

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Meditate with Forest Crystals to receive guidance from spiritual guides, access past teachings, raise your vibration and awareness.

Working with these crystals, one becomes more aligned with one's higher path. Wear or carry Forest Crystals as an aid and tool in overcoming the obstacles necessary to achieve your highest potential. They are catalysts for personal transformation and growth. These crystals come to you when you are ready to live the life of which you dream.

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